Celebrating the Second Runner Up in the Quiet Garden Publishing Christian Writing Competition: Lillian Tibasiima

Celebrating the Second Runner Up in the Quiet Garden Publishing Christian Writing Competition: Lillian Tibasiima

Lillian Tibasiima’s book is titled ‘SAVING LOVE’ and it was selected as the Second Runner up in the first ever Christian Writing Competition in Uganda – which was graciously sponsored by Tyndale Foundation USA and organised by Quiet Garden Publishing.

Below, she answers some questions about herself and her writing.

Who is Lillian Tibasiima?

Lillian was born thirty-six years ago to Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Betty Bukaayi of Jinja, Uganda. She is the mother to an amazing five-year-old daughter and in 2020, Lillian will celebrate ten years in marriage to her husband, Isaac.

She attended Nabisunsa Girls School where she was introduced to the culture of reading. It is from there that her passion for reading and writing began.

Lillian holds a Masters Degree in Literature and a Bachelors degree in Education with Literature and English, both from Makerere University. Her career debut was at Nabisunsa Girl’s School and Green Hill Academy where she taught very briefly. She later returned to Makerere University, in the Department of Literature, where she taught for seven years and then moved into Communications and Media. She has worked with the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters as a Communication and Media specialist. Currently, she works as a writing skills trainer.

Why did you write ‘Saving Love’?

I hope readers of ‘Saving Love’ come to the understanding that regardless of the blows life brings, it is still critical to make the right choices. It was the reason I went through the pains of creating the main character, Tamar’s, background. Given the circumstances her mother conceived her in, her mother could have justified abortion but she chose not abort her. For that reason, Tamar doesn’t get my sympathy for the abortions she carries out.

The truth is, I was tempted to punish Tamar with a bad ending or very dire and hopeless consequences to drive the point home. The ending of the original manuscript was leaning in that direction but then I remembered the mercy and forgiveness of the Savior who forgives our transgressions and makes all things new. The nature and character of Jesus Christ, regardless of what we have or have not done, made me give Tamar a good ending. Regardless of what we do or do not do, when we run to Jesus, He forgives, forgets, restores and changes our story for the better.

Hope, restoration, forgiveness and new beginning is what, above everything else, I want every reader to take home at the end of the day. When we run to Jesus, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever hope or imagine.

What is your writing plan for the future?

I have written another novel called, ‘Royal Diadem’ and another book called, ‘All the Colours of a Star’ which is based on the book of Esther and includes topical lessons and questions for study groups. I have also come up with a writing skills manual based on ‘Saving Love’ and a Leadership Training manual based on, ‘All the Colours of A star.’ I have a forthcoming novel titled, ‘Till Tomorrow’ that I hope to finish by the end of this year.

I am already excited about Till Tomorrow. It is the one book which I have written which I believe will endear me to my peers. It addresses the challenges a modern Christian married woman faces. It looks at the struggle to juggle work, being a wife, parenting and undertaking postgraduate studies especially when a woman is in a position of authority. The struggles to remain relevant both at home and work, the struggle to compete in the market place, to remain faithful and of high repute as well as the struggles their children face having to be raised by other women like nannies. All these are some of the things I hope to capture in ‘Till Tomorrow’. Of course, I will not forget to capture the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastation it has left on this nation and the world as a whole.


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  1. Congratulations Lillian on a story that lifts up the Tamars’ of this world to find saving grace.
    Its amazing how you changed the ending because of the grace you yourself have received. Waiting for your next book

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